Very few wrestlers are as spectacular as Aerostar. He dares to perform fearless jumps from the top of the lighting structure of the building or from atop the 3rd chord of any ring. It’s no difference to him. He’s the AAA’s acrobatic and aerial luchador for excellence and has been ever since he first appeared at Mexican Lucha Libre.

His consolidation as one of the top wrestlers within the AAA came when he won a bet match against Super Fly and after constant matches in events run under the Lucha Underground label.


The so called “Lord and Master” is one of the most representative wrestlers of the classic “Rudo” school in all Mexican Lucha Libre history. His is a lineage of tradition within the AAA, and the mastermind behind the spectacular Devil’s Wings move. He came into the AAA and shortly after he obtained not one, but two titles after defeating some of the most seasoned wrestlers in the Company. Today, he’s more than ready to induce fear to all his rivals on the side of the “Técnicos”.

Blue Demon Jr.

A true Mexican lucha libre legend. Blue Demon Jr. carries a heritage that’s deeply embedded in México and its culture, including one of the most iconic lucha libre masks around the world.

AAA Latin-American Champion, NWA World Heavyweight Champion and National Atomic Champion; Masks: Black Demon, Espectro Jr., Síndrome.

Blue Demon Jr. has won everything. A true legend that possesses a true Mexican warrior spirit, a real Demon on the ring.


Daga is the “all terrain” of lucha libre.

A gladiator who has broken all paradigms established by the “luchadores rudos”, the rude wrestlers. Agile, with aerial abilities, with the strength and power of a heavyweight. He has a complete arsenal of specialized punishments in mixed martial arts.

A powerful lion who shows his fangs, with which he captures his prey in the ring.

He has won huge trophies in spite of being very young: Crucero AAA Champion, Lucha Underground Trios Championship and Australian Suicide’s mask.


The “mini” division received a tremendous shakeoff with the arrival of the winner of the “¿Quién Pinta Para La Corona? 2011” tournament: the wrestler only known as Dinastía.

He is a luchador unique in his class, whose speed, agility and elasticity places him as a brilliant promise in the wrestling business.

Despite being very young, he’s already considered a star among the ranks of the AAA Worldwide Company, one that shines out with its own light.


This luchador was named by AAA Worldwide as The Revelation of 2011, because he managed to earn a place at the best events held around Mexico, after becoming part of the powerful team known as El Inframundo.

Drago regards himself as a “dead dragon”, one that came back to life in order to protect fellow La Parka in his battle against rival team Los Bizarros.

With his fearful “Green Fire” and a Screwdriver move that leaves the audience breathless, he already shows signs of becoming an icon, one that was eagerly expected by the audience. His story is just beginning, but his is one story that will surely become a legend.

Drago is currently AAA Worldwide Latin American Champion.


A high flyer at his best, a luchador who has proven he deserves “The King” title. Mexico was his first conquered territory, now he aims for world domination alongside his brother, Pentagón Jr, best known as The Lucha Brothers.

His trophy room is filled with Mexican and international achievements: Megacampeonato AAA (Mega Championship), Lucha Underground Championship, GALLI Championship, Lucha Underground Trios Championship, CHIKARA King of Trios (with Drago and Aerostar).


Hijo Del Tirantes is a temperamental and strongly criticized man. His decisions on the ring are extremely controversial, and objectivity is not recognized as one of his virtues; that is the reason why he is the most feared man among referees of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.


One of the biggest rudos in lucha libre. Luchador and creative mastermind who built his career from the bottom up, ascending like a shooting star.

Mexico, United States, and Japan are only a few places where he showed his in-ring skills and also learned a new way to watch and develop lucha libre mixed with wrestling and pororesu.

Konnan is currently AAA Worldwide Lead Creative; he’s in charge of taking care of matchmaking and story development.


She is one of the strongest representatives of the Women's Wrestling Division of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.

Her figure and rhythmic movements serve to mislead her rivals since, at heart, she  is a fierce female gladiator that knows the secrets of the extreme fight. 

Shani is the perfect blend of beauty and violence.


La Hiedra is one of the strongest young fighters that has come out of the north of the Mexican Republic. She is a second generation star and the daughter of a legend of wrestling, Andrés Richardson "Sangre Chicana", one of the main rudos of the eighties and nineties. Born in 1997, she began her career in 2010 in her native Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and in 2012 she made it to the final of the Who Pinta Para la Corona contest.

Today she is part of the cast of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, where she is one of the most promising female figures in the women's division and enjoys great popularity among the public, especially the male gender, which follows her wherever she goes because of her beauty and poise, coupled with her ironclad style inherited from her father.


There are simply not enough words to describe the highly popular wrestling icon simply known as La Parka.

An authentic AAA Worldwide idol, a natural-born leader, winner of each and every title a professional wrestler can dream of, he’s undoubtedly one of the pillars that firmly support the Company.

For now, wrestler La Parka wears and honors the flag of AAA Founder, Lic. Antonio Peña, whom created the highly popular character.


Talented, cheerful but terrible at the same time, this luchador wears a very close resemblance to his poisonous namesake. Even so, using her charisma and aggressiveness, she has managed to transform the concept of Los Exóticos. She currently holds a bitter rivalry against wrestler Pimpinela Escarlata, of whom she has obtained her hair once, but she is not willing to stop there, as she has sworn to destroy the most beloved wrestler within the ranks of this wrestling style.


When we talk about charisma, this luchador, also known as El niño-come-hamburguesas (Spanish for “Kid-who-eats-hamburguers”), is undoubtedly the king. He began his career with the Mexican Power, but his talent, skills, and the aforementioned charisma, has led him down a path where he has managed to shine by his own light. This young star has earned the love and admiration of the audience due in no short measure for his charisma, but also due to his spectacular moves, being that his famous “moto-sentón” or when he performs a “flying tope” or a “plancha” above any of the AAA rings.


Pagano mainly exhibits a Hardcore style of fight, which often includes the use of weapons and, where one or both fighters in the party end up bleeding profusely. Due to his preference for these types of matches, he has been given the nickname "The Extreme King". Pagano was a masked luchador until 2011, when he lost his mask. His persona is that of a psychotic clown. He originally wore a mask that resembled clown makeup. After the loss of his mask, he painted his face to resemble a clown, thus continuing his traditional look. In 2016 he rose to national and international attention with his feud with Psycho Clown, which was scheduled to be the main event of Triplemanía XXIV, the largest annual exhibition of Lucha Libre AAA.

Pentagón Jr.

The “Cero Miedo” (Zero Fear) of lucha libre. He learned how to take Mexican lucha, wrestling and a true rudo (rude) spirit into the ring and outside of it.

Along with his brother, Fénix, they both built a new standard, a lucha libre revolution that keeps bringing new fans with the approval of lucha libre hardcore enthusiasts.

His achievements: Lucha Underground Champion, Impact World Champion, AAA World Tag Team Champion (with Fénix), AAA Latin American Champion.


Neutral, serious, and objective, this man born in Tampico, Tamaulipas has taken the path of justice thanks to what he learned from master Pepe Casas. Nowadays, he is recognized as an authority difficult to break.


Pimpinela Escarlata is the quintessential “Exótico”, an icon and the most experienced lucha within this category, belonging to the AAA Worldwide.

He has earned many titles during his career, such as the title as champion of the Campeonato Nacional Semicompleto, and has came out victorious from many matches held around the world, but for him, his true home is still the AAA.

Today, he still remains as an active wrestler, one that spills glamour and charisma at each and every one of the places that the AAA Worldwide visits.


The Coolest cat of lucha libre. Puma King is heir to one the most long-lived lucha libre dinasties, The Casas family.

Puma King is looking for a new global path to show that lucha libre is the most important sport in México, not only as a cultural expression, but as a true revolutionary concept.

Puma King took Rey Cometa’s mask at a huge show in México City in 2012, a bright start for his promising career.


Taya is a luchadora that came all the way to Mexico from Victoria, Canada, and now that she’s placed herself among the best female luchadoras in the country, she divides her time between wrestling and her other two passions: Body-building competitions and beauty contests.

After sustaining an exhaustive training under former ECW, WCW and WWF champion Lance Storm, Taya built quite a reputation as a wrestler after participating for Canadian wrestling companies such as ECCW and PWA, along being invited to enter two seasons of the World Of Hurt reality show.

She came to Mexico after receiving an invitation from none other than the leader of Los Perros del Mal, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, because he wished to have a worthy representative of “La Jauría” within the ranks of the Female Division of the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide Company.

Taya became the first non-Mexican female luchadora to win the title of a Reina de Reinas AAA title. She also conquered Impact Knockouts Championship and Facebook-Lucha Capital Championship.


Tessa Blanchard is a third-generation Knockout who made her IMPACT debut during Redemption's pay-per-view. Tessa joined Josh Mathews and Don Callis in this broadcast and and did not hold anything back in her comments. Since she stole the stage in that broadcast, she hasn’t looked back and has caught the attention of the wrestling world. 

Long considered one of the best free-agent fighters competing today, as an IMPACT talent in 2018, she became one of the leading wrestling competitors, men or women. In IMPACT ReDefined, Tessa Blanchard won her first knockout championship, continuing her rapid rise.


This luchador represents the perfect balance between agility, speed and strength.

With lucha libre deeply imbued in his blood, Texano Jr., alongside Toscano and Máscara Año 2000 Jr. stormed the gates of the AAA, stating that they’re there to show what a real “Worldwide class“ wrestler looks like.

He is a very effective, both atop and below the ring, effortlessly combining a “classic” lucha style with unrelenting roughness.

He attended a meeting with AAA President, Lic. Marisela Peña, after which they were granted permission to participate on the eliminatory matches for the Rey de Reyes 2012 tournament, and ever since, they’ve become a real pain in the back for every AAA wrestler who dares to cross their path.

Texano Jr. left a deep mark within the AAA Worldwide history, after being part of the legendary Triplemanía XXII tournament, considered among one of the best events to ever take place in all Mexican Lucha Libre history. He also has broken all AAA records after earning the title Megacampeonato de AAA.


He has been characterized for being a born charismatic fighter, rough in nature, possessor of great wrestling qualities. 

He is one of the most important juniors in Mexican wrestling; wears a representative mask, full of history.





Each and every move performed by the AAA’s stars is closely observed by our President of the Board, Lic. Marisela Peña. She is the highest authority within the Lucha Libre AAA Company.

Involved since a very early age with the spectacular sport of Mexican Lucha Libre due to her ties with the lineage of El Espectro’s family of wrestlers, she started working within the company founded by his brother, Lic. Antonio Peña, in 1995, as Financial Director.

Devoted 100% with the Lucha Libre AAA brand, she became acting President in 2006, after the demise of the founder of the company.

As a head of the AAA Company, she works tirelessly to keep sportsmanship and justice as the main guidances for the company.


Dorian Roldán Peña is a young man with the vision and will to radically transform the Lucha Libre business.

His first appearance was in a AAA Sin Límite event, called Héroes Inmortales III. Back then, he was taken hostage by wrestler Konnan and his gang. After a series of events, Dorian started to change gradually, growing out from his role as a young family man, and started to antagonize his parents, AAA President, Lic. Marisela Peña, and AAA General Director Lic. Joaquín Roldán. With time, he took full command of all the unaligned forces within the ranks of the company.

He played a key role in the conformation of La Sociedad, a coalition of the forces intended with a radical transformation of the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide as a company.

His most famous quotes are: “Bienvenidos a la casa de Dorian Roldán” and “Dorian Roldán, como Antonio Peña, está revolucionando la lucha libre”. (“Welcome to Dorian Roldán’s House” and “Dorian Roldán, just like Antonio Peña did, is making a revolution in the Lucha Libre world”)